9 June 2017

In Pesaro on Monday July 3 and Wednesday July 12 there will be an audition to select mimes and extras for the 2017 productions of Le siège de Corinthe and Torvaldo e Dorliska.

10 May 2017

We are now launching the fourth edition of Il tuo Viaggio, a competition aiming to award a prize to a new talent in the field of graphics.

11 May 2017

The Rossini Opera Festival whishes to inform you that the role of Mahomet II in Le siège de Corinthe will be portrayed by Luca Pisaroni. His recital will be postponed to August 15.

27 March 2017

The Artistic Director of the Rossini Opera Festival Ernesto Palacio will succeed Alberto Zedda as the Director of the Accademia Rossiniana.

23 March 2017

The Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale of the RAI will be the new main orchestra of the Rossini Opera Festival. The OSN Rai will be bound to the ROF by a triennial partnership that will extend from 2017 into 2019.