The non-profit association was established in 1997 to welcome the support of opera lovers who, through their gifts, give a precious contribution to making the Rossini Opera Festival possible.

Thousands of opera lovers from all over the world – audiences like no others in their spirit, motivation and participation – are united and drawn to Pesaro by a common passion for Rossini.

7 agosto 2016

After the triumphant first performances in 2012, Ciro in Babilonia returns to the Rof as the third opera on the bill of the XXXVII Rof.

6 agosto 2016

The second opera on the bill at the XXXVII Rossini Opera Festival is Il Turco in Italia (to be performed on the 9th, 12th, 16th and 18th August at the Teatro Rossini at 8.00 p.m.).

5 agosto 2016

The thirty-seventh edition of the Rossini Opera Festival will be launched on Monday 8th August. The bill includes two new productions, La donna del lago and Il Turco in Italia, and the revival Ciro in Babilonia.